Asking the Universe to Dance

How often do we just ask for what we need in this world?

I’m so guilty of this– I need something, but I never ask. I talk myself out of asking for whatever it is that I need. I don’t want to seem needy, or greedy or dependent. I project the answer onto the person that I need to ask. I make up a thousand different reasons as to why that person will most definitely say no.

So I don’t ask.


On the rare occasions that I do ask, the answer usually surprises me. It’s often a yes. And many times the reasons I projected my predicted no onto this person never even existed. Well, they existed, but only in my mind.

But what happens when we fear asking for something big? And not of another being but the asking of something necessary from the Universe- or from God, Goddess, Allah, Buddha or whomever it is you speak to in the quiet moments.

What happens when we fear asking for something necessary in our lives- health, abundance, wealth, peace or mind or simply safety- from the source that might actually be able to provide it?

In my more settled lifestyle now, I find myself devoid of the spiritual side of existence. I’m not sure if it’s simply my environment and its energy or the community I have yet to find and embrace– but I don’t see the Divine that often in this settled life.

Over the years of living unconventionally and nomadically, I was able to witness something spiritual in almost everywhere I traveled. Maybe it was the newness of everything that I found so serendipitous. Or possibly the people I met in such a lifestyle seemed to be placed before me for a reason– it all had a purpose.

I saw something magical everyday. Every week. And on some lovely days, every moment.

But now, in this settled life, I can’t see the Universe in action. I can’t watch the serendipitous unfold. I don’t meet people from all walks of life– with their own spiritual compasses guiding them through their days. I don’t have engaging conversations on a regular basis and I don’t have my socks knocked off by some unexpected event that I inadvertently discover.

In this settled life, nestled within the rat race, I see people rushing to the next appointment, buried in the mobile devices or talking on their cell phones. I see people completely disengaged with the world.

And thus, over the past year or so of settling into one place, I’ve forgotten to ask the Universe questions along the way. I’ve forgotten to ask the Divine to help me out in certain situations– or to simply show me the path I need to travel down. I’ve forgotten how to simply ask the Universe for peace of mind– for a sign that everything will work out as it’s supposed to.

And I’ve lost the solid belief that it WILL work out the way it’s supposed to. This settled life is so filled with daily fears and unknowns that revolve around our more material existence that this perpetual fear of making ends meet and of relationships surviving has removed the more solid belief that things will always work out. They always do.

For better or worse, things will work themselves out.

I guess in the past, I held tightly to this belief because I saw the Universe working things out in a perpetual manner. I could just look back on my day and see how events unfolded to land me where I needed to be. It was a dance — me and the Universe. Putting actions in motion and intentions into the ether that manifested into something wondrous, necessary and intriguing.

We don’t dance anymore. I haven’t invited the Universe to the dance floor in some time. I’ve become numb to the world around me because I’ve settled. It’s not that I’ve settled down– but I’ve settled. I no longer ask the Universe to dance.

And that is a sad reality.

For what is a life if you’re not dancing with the Divine and watching the magnificent symphony of life create music before you? What is a life that is spent in perpetual stress, fear and chaos? What is a life spent avoiding the unknown, the scary and the unpredictable? What is a life spent caught in the rat race- always seeking more?


That’s not a life. That’s an exhausting treadmill you can’t leave. That’s settling. A settling into something dangerous that removes you from the spiritual side of living. A settling that separates you from the power that fuels you, the power that pushes you to explore, to take risks.

Such a settling removes you from the power to seek the beauty in life.

When was the last time you asked the Universe to dance? I’m sending out my invitation now.