I am interested in the real.  The raw.  The dark and twisty emotions that make us human. I capture the intensity of the human condition. I document the fractions of time that most people ignore, turn away from or simply can not see.

I get the pain, I understand the joy, I anticipate the sorrow.  I embrace the laughter.  I document the full range of human emotion, because that’s how I experience my own life.  My passion is out in the open for everyone to witness.  My intensity, my joy, my laughter, my sorrow- they all live on the surface of my world. My emotions created the award-winning artist that stands before you.  Had I not walked through my own deserts of pain or frolicked in my own fields of happiness, I would not have the capacity or the wisdom to document any story, in images, words and motion.

My passion for photography began at the age of 10, when my father purchased a camera- a “real adult” camera to satisfy my new found interest.  And the rest is history.  I’ve worked as a staff photographer, freelanced for publications, photographed and produced documentaries for national corporations and documented countless moments of intimacy and intensity- at home and abroad. I currently share this wisdom in a variety of online publications, in words and images.

I’ve documented Maoist Rebels, Palestinian protesters and roller derby queens.  I’ve shared quiet moments with war-torn families, documented sacred ceremonies of the Dalai Lama and captured gang units busting through a drug dealer’s home.

Raw. Vulnerable. Elegant.

My training comes from 12 years of self-taught photography followed with 3 years of formal training at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where I majored in Visual Communications, from the School of Journalism and Mass Communications with an outside concentration in Peace, War and Defense. I am a Class of 1938 Fellow and have won numerous national awards for my documentary work on inner city crime and poverty.  My overseas documentary work focuses on the cultural preservation of post conflict communities and I have documented the Tibetan Exile community, Nepal’s Maoist communities and the Palestinian communities in the West Bank.  My overseas work includes the following countries; Nepal, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Egypt, Palestine and Israel.

My passion lies in documenting the human condition, in its most natural and uninhibited form.  My style is based on this belief and my job is to document the story, with any and all means necessary.