Changing Lifestyles & Finding Our Truth

We all seek a lifestyle.

Some vision of a life that we feel we should emulate. Some of us mirror our paths after the life that our parents lead, showing us a lifestyle at a young age. And we embrace it as our own. Others look outside of their families for a guiding vision of what a lifestyle should be and all that it should entail. And still others look to the mass media and the Joneses for a guiding beacon in this world of consumption and materialism.

We fight to see what our lifestyle should be and what others will accept as normal, respectable and admirable. But what if we’ve chosen a lifestyle that is not our own?

A lifestyle of street art in Anncey, France.

A lifestyle of street art in Anncey, France.

What if we’ve chosen to emulate something that we think- or our ego thinks- is the right life only to find out that the reality is a slow, painful death. A life devoid of love, compassion, simplicity or stillness.

What if the lifestyle we’ve chosen is unsustainable for our families, our communities and our own sanity?

What do we do then?

We change.

We radically embrace the fact that our vision was skewed. We forgive ourselves for embracing a distorted vision- for it is truly possible that our intentions were in alignment with our desires when we began building our lives- and we look at the places where we went wrong.

We embrace the person we are now. Not yesterday and not a future self- but who we are now, in this moment. We stop and understand that the person who stands before us is all that we have and in order to be true to this person, we have to embrace our faults. And forgive ourselves for making these mistakes.

Once forgiveness happens, we can change our lives.

We can find Happiness in the simplicity of just being. We can seek to alter our reality in a way that gives us the things we overlooked in building our original lifestyles.

When we shed the chains of outside perceptions on lifestyle and conformity, we can embrace that true desire that constantly lurks just below the surface.

When we shed the weight of modernity and all its social norms, we can be that person we always envisioned- before the outside world homogenized normal.

We can become artists, craftsmen and miners. We can become visionaries, creators and philosophers.

When we embrace OUR lifestyle, we make the world a little more beautiful as we pass through.