Zombies, Zombies Everywhere!!

What do I see around me?

I see people who have checked out. I see Zombies zooming down the highway in their cars, texting instead of driving, rushing from one place to another- never bothering to be present in the place they are- always worried about the next task on the list.

I feel the loneliness of a humanity that has decided that the rush to consume and the madness of distraction is better than the time it takes to engage with real people.

I feel the energy of a community that is fighting to understand one another- and wondering where all the joy has gone.

I see sadness in people eyes. I see their fatigue and I touch their disengagement.

I wonder when we all collectively disengaged from one another. Was it when cell phones became the norm? Did it happen when emails became a regular means of communication rather than writing letters. Did it happen when Facebook took over people’s free-time and became the defining narrative of friendships and interaction.

Rush hour- a breeding ground for Zombie conversions.

Rush hour- a breeding ground for Zombie conversions.

I meet people today who have lost the ability to step out of their own drama and see a person for who they truly are. People who are so engrossed in their own bubbles that they have lost the ability to engage in normal human interactions.

People who judge based on preconceived notions. People who hate based on their own projections- not actual reality. People who spread anger, fear and drama as if they were necessary for our very survival.

When, in fact, the seeds these people are sowing are slowly destroying the beauty of humanity.

These are the things I see. These are the things I try to avoid looking at and acknowledging their existence. I often wonder if I’m seeing things as they are or how I anticipate them to be. I wonder why I see the world this way, when others are able to gloss over the reality they see before them and pretend it doesn’t exist.

There are days where I see the happiness in people. Days where I have conversations with strangers that make me smile. Days where I see people visibly react to my own positive energy- the energy I try to put out into the world everyday.

Days when I see humanity beginning to beat down the Zombies– days when I feel maybe this society will awaken to all that we could be and should embrace.

Such days exist– I just hope they begin to outweigh the days when the Zombies reign.