What Makes A Simple Life?

What do you put inside your precious 24 hours?

Who do you spend a portion of those hours with? Do they bring joy and beauty into your world– or pain and sorrow?

Are you actually present with the special people you place in your world- or is your mind elsewhere? Are you listening to the person who stands before you– or are you recalling a dramatic conversation at work, reviewing your to do list for tomorrow or simply wishing it were next month when your madness should subside?

You understand that your world is overwhelming. This world you’ve designed and crafted over the years. What have you filled it with? Are the activities fulfilling? Are the people inspiring? Is your work meaningful– does it have impact?

Or are the people you see every day draining? Do they place their petty dramas in your lap and steal the precious moments you have and waste them on meaningless thoughts and empty actions? Do the people who really deserve your time and attention get pushed away because of the life-sucking zombies you allowed into your world?

Or does your work take all of your energy? Does your work render you useless to others, devoid of energy, zeal and love?

Is this the struggle you envisioned when you entered adulthood? Did you see fighting to merely get through the day as your battle for making a mark in this world? Did you mean to place the best part of YOU out into the abyss for others to use, steal and manipulate for their own gain?

Or did you envision something different for your life? Did you see your struggle as a fight between the beauty you see in the world and keeping the danger at bay? Did you see yourself standing against the world to live a life in YOUR vision- not the narrative manufactured to sustain a consumption-based capitalistic economy?

Did you see yourself fighting to make a difference in this world? To create art that shifted perceptions, changed lives and touched this world in a way that is needed- is necessary? Did you see yourself with all the beauty and talent you were giving making something so delicate, so intricate, so touching that people would never be the same having crossed your path?

Did you see your life as not a STRUGGLE, but a SYMPHONY?

Can you not return to that vision? Can you not eliminate the elements of your world that are complicated and return to a simple life again?

You can leave the world of the Zombie and allow your beauty and vision to dictate your life. It can be done, it must be done.

Or the simple life you envision, the simple life you deserve, the simple life you need to survive in this world will never be yours.

Define your simplicities. Say NO to the people who complicate your life. Eliminate the drama. Remove the meaningless interactions.

Claim your life again. Step into your power and make this world yours. Fight to make art that matters- to make a life that has meaning.

This world needs more warriors who are willing to embrace a Simple Life and destroy the narrative that is creating a society of Zombies.

Live Simply.