A Blind Eye

Do you walk through your day with a blind eye to the kindness and compassion that stands before you?

Do you shield yourself with the ancient wisdom of the world’s religions which you’ve twisted and tormented to justify your anger and hatred towards others?

Do you use your past to give merit to the negativity and hatred you place into this world- sucking the beauty and the soul out of everyone that allows you into their lives?

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see a strong, powerful soul standing before you? Someone in control of their life, their destiny and their path in this world?

Or do you fear the mirror? Do you gaze at your reflection with fear and judgement? Do you blame the world for what is reflected back at you? Do you lack the vision to see that you- and only you- have the ultimate say in the composition of this reflection before you?

When did your eyes stop seeing all that life could be? When did you become blind to the world around you and the love that was yours? When did your eyes begin to filter and destroy the good and leave only the misery?

When did life become so painful that your world went dark?