Shifting Gears Towards Simplicity

What exactly is a simple life?

Excellent question– with no true definitive answer. Everyone’s definition of simple is different and completely subjective.

Over the past few years, I’ve made strong connections with people all over the world based on a lifestyle anchored in simplicity.

My perspective of simplicity:

A life without internal chaos.

A life without drama.

A life with time.

A life with the space for exploration and the freedom for introspection.

Now I’m tasked with making my simple life work in a world of chaotic races through the concrete jungle. I now have to employ all my internal philosophies, powers of observation and Taoistic beliefs towards maintaining a simple life in the place where I now live.

As I walk this edge of simple living versus chaotic existence, I will take you along for the journey. I will explore my internal conflicts and the external realities I see everyday. I will pose questions of lifestyle, spirituality and manifestation as they cross my paths in this world.

For many of us straddle these worlds I’m touching upon. Many of us already live a simple life– but function within an external world of madness. Many of us yearn for a simple life and fear the chaotic world we’ve created.

A world created out of necessity, out of adherence and out of social acceptance. A world created out of the fear of scarcity– of not having enough or of not fitting in with our peers.

A world created out of the fear of being alone.

Many of us are now faced with life-altering decisions about how to move forward and closer align ourselves with our authentic self — and in doing so, moving towards a simpler life.

None of this reality is easy.

Embracing a simple life is not something that anchors our economy or fuels our social discourse. Our politicians don’t want you to live a simple life and our financial institutions fear the day when the consumer ceases to be the anchor of our economy.

Living with less is not a topic that’s embraced at happy hour or tossed about at the water cooler.

But secretly, many people want to have this discussion. They NEED to have this discussion. Many people want to return to a simpler time. A life with TIME to spend with their loved ones and BE PRESENT. A time when we are not on call 24/7 from a plastic device that rests in our pockets. Many of us yearn to unplug from the digital world completely now and then– and not fear the repercussions that such a disconnect could create.

Our society is longing to be reconnected with the Simple.


A Simple life.

A Simple love.

A Simple existence.