Love of the Soul

Every so often, you find that person.

The person who is worth the risk. The person that brings a fiery Love and passion into your life that you had only heard of before you met. The person who justifies actions you would have thought insanity before they entered your world.

Some of us have experienced such a Love. Others thought they had found it, but were ill-equipped to embrace the depth of such a Love.

Others merely lack the capacity to understand what Love is at all.

There is a journey in Love. The journey is not easy nor is it practical. Hell, sometimes its not even logical. But a Love that touches your Soul will show you a world you didn’t know existed– and will show you a side of yourself that you only hoped existed.

A little Love strolls through the streets of Paris.

The Love of the Soul will pull up the emotions that turn you into a weeping child or a passionate goddess. The Love of the Soul will place you before a cliff and ask you to leap– without a parachute or a safety net.

The Love of the Soul will push you to the edge. You’ll close your eyes and take that step– knowing that sometimes, the free-fall is the most exhilarating part of the journey. It’s the unknown beauty that exists as you spread your arms, lean into nothingness and just soar through the air.

You might crash. It might hurt. You may break. But the Love of the Soul knows no other way. Such a Love will place you on that perpetual boundary of exhilaration and fear. And if you do break, if the Love of the Soul takes you a place of pain and sorrow- the depth of this pain will reflect the depth that this Love touched your Soul.

But hopefully, at the end of your life, a glance back at the journey through the Love of the soul will reveal the depth at which you lived your life. No matter the duration of this Love- whether it lasted a lifetime or simply a spot on the timeline of your life- the fact that it existed at all and that you allowed yourself to embark on such a journey makes your life a beautiful endeavor.

For truly, to never know a love of the soul might be one of the saddest and most tragic side effects of modernity. To be so caught up in the surface dramas– the empty Facebook narratives of others, that you miss the love before you– or walk away from it in disgust and anger– is truly one of the worst side effects of the current state of our society.

May you all know the Love of the Soul at some point in your lives.

May you all recognize Love when it stands before you and invites you in for tea.

May you all understand its beauty when it exists in your life.

And if such a love existed in your life and was later taken away, may you find solace in the grace and beauty that it existed at all– and that you were blessed enough to experience the Love of the Soul.