What Do You Manifest

Open your eyes and take a look at the world around you.

Your world.

McLeod Ganj, India

The people you wake up to every morning, the people you surround yourself with as you travel through your day. Open your ears and hear the words.

Your words.

The phrases that come from your mouth and the language that you speak as you travel through your day. Are your words filled with hope and optimism, or are they tainted with fear, hate and malice?

Open your heart for one brief moment and what do you see? Is it shriveled and limp, like the Grinch, beaten down by life or discarded by your actions as an irrelevant organ that simply keeps your blood flowing?

Or is your heart large and vast, encompassing the world around you and radiating the beauty- and sometimes the sorrow- you see as you walk through this world with your eyes and ears open?

Kathmandu, Nepal

Do you spend your days devising ways to make others miserable- to play games with their lives and their emotion- for your pleasure, your entertainment- or worse- for your revenge? Or do you spend your days contemplating the ways in which to make the world a slightly better place as you pass through it? A slightly better place through your actions, through your thoughts, through the help you lend a friend or through the love and guidance you give your child.

Are your days filled with negative thoughts, angry actions and hateful words?  Do you then wonder why the world is always against you, why you have to struggle so hard or why you feel alone in this world?


Have you ever once- just once- stopped to look at the energy and the actions you place into this world? Do you ever- just for a second- look at yourself with the judgment and scrutiny you so willfully place on others? Or do you fear at your core the truths you might uncover?

We truly do manifest our fates in this world, whether we realize it or not. Yes, life is challenging and filled with hateful actions, trying situations and sorrowful partings. This life- this one life- is filled with the whole gamut of human and societal narratives. We live, we fall in love, we marry, we divorce, we give birth, we learn, we evolve and eventually we say goodbye to those we love forever. But in that vast span of years, while traveling down all those joyous paths and those tumultuous trails– we bring into our world a reflection of the soul that lies within.

Sangihe, Indonesia

We bring in beauty, love, hope and joy when our souls are open, accepting and in tune with a greater spirit than our own.

We bring in hate, malice, anger and despair when our souls are abandoned, ignored and out of synch with a power greater than our own.

The Dalai Lama's Temple in Dharamsala, India

So, I’m asking you this– what are you manifesting? Look at the past few days — what have you placed into this world? Has it nurtured your soul or simply spread your misery to others? Have you touched someone’s life with your beauty, attention and an accepting heart?  Or have you used your words and actions to cut someone down, to deliver false judgment and spread more negativity in a world already drowning in an ocean of hate?

Is this life a game for your manipulation and power struggles or is it a beautiful journey that brings you to challenging moments and equally magnificent heights?

Tibetan Children's Village

Move through this world manifesting that which you wish to live within. And if you wish to live within a world of hate and anger- check your premise. For it will be long and lonely life for you and at the end of your years, the answer to why you are alone will be painfully obvious- and a tragic reality to accept.