Why I Travel

I travel to feel.

To feel the pulse of a community. To feel the exhilaration of uncertainty. To feel the gentle kiss of loneliness and the bittersweet caress of goodbyes.

 (Crystal Street)

I travel to taste.

To taste the joy of a chance meeting. To taste the beauty of local cuisine. To taste the sweetness of serendipity.

www.crystalstreet.net (Crystal Street)

I travel to explore.

To explore my boundless mind. To explore the fears I cling to as a lifeboat in an ocean of uncertainty and a world I don’t understand. To explore the tiny fibers of humanity that bind the least among us to the fiercest.

 (Crystal Street)

I travel to love.

To love the life I choose not to “vacate” but to experience. To love the person I evolve into with each journey. To love the ones who wait for my return.

www.crystalstreet.net (Crystal Street)

I travel to learn.

To learn the sorrow of war. To learn the ecstasy of triumph. To learn the value of truly living.

 (Crystal Street)

I travel to see.

To see things beyond my comprehension. To see innocence in the eyes of a child living under occupation. To see wisdom etched on the faces of my elders.

www.crystalstreet.net (Crystal Street)

I travel to be.

To be an engaged and enlightened citizen. To be a better human. To be true to my soul.

 (Crystal Street)

I travel to be in this world.

Thanks for traveling so many miles with me, dear reader!