The Blank Page

How many brilliant ideas began with a large sheet of white paper, a pen and a quiet moment?

The latest blank page and inspiration for this essay.

In my world of digital existence, where all the work I once loved was produced on purely analog devices and craft based production methods, the beauty of a blank page and a pen is simply divine.

The blank page represents possibility.

The blank page gives space for ideas to find a home- to come into existence.

The blank page allows the mind to run free and wild, with no constraints or lines to follow.

And an entire book of large, blank, white, beautiful pages represents many serendipitous moments where the daemon can enter my world safely- with all the subtle nuances and innuendos that it brings into my creative world.

The possibility of the blank journal is endless. It’s been with me since childhood. When the world crumbles around me and I’m left wallowing in the desolate spaces of a beaten heart and an exhausted soul, the blank pages offer a space of solace and the opportunity to grown from the sorrow.

When the world is abundant and filled with joy and laughter, the blank pages give me the space to express my gratitude- even if only to be embraced by myself and the Universe to which I send such sentiments.

When the future is cluttered with endless options and delicious decisions, the blank page gives me the empty vessel to create the structure I see in my mind.

It gives form to vision- a plan for my walking towards my dream.

My blank page in Paris, with a little fuel.

The blank page is so much more than just paper.

It is possibility.

It is creativity.

The blank page is hope. Understated and often overlooked.

Without the blank page- where would all the brilliant ideas of humanity have originated?

Without the blank page, the ideas that power our world might have simply existed in the minds of the creators- never to see the form and structure of an idea given to paper and surrendered to creation.