Touching Lives As You Gently Pass By

When was the last time you were able to step back from your daily madness and look at the lives that you touch along the way?

A couple strolls through Paris on a summer afternoon. image by cstreet

Have you been blessed with the knowledge and the wisdom to recognize your role in this world and create the opportunity for your beauty and your energy to touch others as you pass gently through their world?

Do you wake up each morning, slightly curious about who will cross your path and what energy or experience you may share with that person? Do you contemplate the possible ripple effects of your random interaction with a stranger- or your loving advice to a dear friend?

Can you look back at your work, your passion and your presence in this world and see- with clarity and definition- the positive influence you’ve had on the people around you? Or on the souls you’ve never met?

I’m asking such questions because I am blessed enough to be able to answer all those questions with positive answers. I’m fortunate enough to have built a platform to share my experiences with a vast world of people I may never meet, yet can touch gently as I pass through their radar and as they float through my art. I’ve had the wisdom to recognize that my talents and intuition play a larger role than just effecting my life. The work I produce, the art I create, the lives I hold closely to my own- they all have been effected by my presence. Some in tiny little minute ways and some in massive life-altering manners.

Not blowing sunshine up my own ass here- I’m just verbally reflecting on the past two days of my life. My nomad world has been a whirlwind the past couple weeks. So much so that I’m not even sure what day it is, what month I’m in and this morning I woke up thinking I was in a different time zone. Hell, it felt like a different dimension. In this time frame, some beautiful opportunities and people have entered my world- and I’m contemplating my current nomadic path and if I should possibly merge it with a more sedentary life that gives me more strength and stability to leap from.

One of my lovely travel companions in Europe.

During this reflection period and before it, I was questioning my role as a “blogger”. I really don’t see my work in that genre- even though I publish a blog. I see where this has evolved into so much more- but I was beginning to question the why of my online writing and if it even had the impact that I envision. I don’t write list articles to garner a larger audience, I don’t structure articles to boost traffic, build my email list or even include keywords or metatags in my posts. Hell, I can barely get a damn newsletter out once a month.

And over the past month or so, every time I log onto Twitter and scan the conversations across my lists- I feel redundant. I feel as though I am seeing the same shit over and over again. And I felt like I was writing the same shit over and over again.

So, I took a step back. I re-evaluated and I went silent for a bit. I ate my way around some major cities in Europe, I documented a beautiful family vacation in France and Italy, I worked on a large multimedia project and I fell in love. I lived, and am living, and it is fantastic.

Yesterday I finally had time to spend with my online world. I published the photos I took in Italy and France, I sent out my private newsletter with a story about my little 6 year old travel companion in Europe and I sent out my monthly newsletter to my lovely readers from this blog.

And the response was overwhelming. It was humbling. And I was and am moved. People I’ve never met wrote me personal emails telling me that my writing brought them to tears. Readers told me how moved they were by my stories. One reader emailed me for advice about a personal topic of a deep nature that I had written about last month. Another reader, Debbra, sent me this little poem:

Risk more than others think is safe.
Care more than others think is wise.
Dream more than others think is practical.
Expect more than others think is possible.

And my loved ones sent me letters and told me how touched they were. My mother even sent me a lovely email and she had actually looked at my writing as a reader- not a mother- and she was moved as well.

And just now, I opened an email from one of my oldest and dearest friends and she told me our recent time together had rubbed off on her and she some major life decisions that opened up a world of joy for her that she needed to explore. And she was happy for it.

I feel as though I have too much joy in my heart in this moment- and this joy is present from the people in my life who connect with my energy, my love and my art. And my life would be a total void without them.

So, I guess I’m posing the questions here of how our work influences those around us- both total strangers and the people we’ve known all our lives. How does our wisdom and energy effect our lovers, our children, our co-workers and total strangers? How far is the reach of your work and can you touch lives from a distance- with the same gentility and passion as you would someone standing in front of you?

Is your work touching this world gently as you pass through or are you merely walking through this world without sharing your soul as you travel by? If the latter is your answer, I implore you to step back from your life, evaluate all that you embody and begin to emanate the beauty you wish to behold in this world. Be the beauty you wish would find you- and I’m sure you’ll realize the power you have to touch this world during your time here.

And if you have a platform to influence others- if your work and your passion are already living in this world and touching people as you pass by- I commend you. And I celebrate the wisdom you cultivated and protected from the crushing influences that society can place upon us. You stand before the flames and declare to the world that no matter what, you WILL touch people gently as you pass through.

And you sacrifice and fight for the privileged and the ability to continue touching humanity as you walk among us. You, dear warrior, are the reason I have hope in this world. So, I thank you.

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