Fire, Trepidation and World Domination ~ Day 2

World Domination has commenced and I’m hiding in the back, lurking in the shadows and wondering about my role in all of this. For a person who is slightly introverted and still making her way through this uncertain world of blogging, such a conference was just simply overwhelming at the beginning.

I found myself wanting to retreat from all the possibilities of such an event. And oddly, everyone looked vaguely familiar, which was a little unsettling at first. It dawned on me later in the day that I was so used to viewing events from the outside, as an observer, that I was uncomfortable and unsure of how to reverse this habitual role.

How do I bridge the distance I’d created as a barrier of protection from something I was still unsure about? How do I rip down the walls of protection that kept me from fully embracing the beauty of such a gathering? How can I feel comfortable enough in my own skin to face my flaws and my triumphs in this odd environment of World Domination?

Here are my notes and images from the day.

Leo Babauta sharing his  transformation into the person he is now- with amazing honesty and humor.

Chris takes a moment to introduce a woman of fire and passion, Danielle LaPorte.

Danielle tells this crowd of dominators so many profound insights, it's hard to remember them all.

“…owning your decisions…”

“…embracing the path you started on…”

“…stop selling and start radiating…”

“…be compassionate with yourself for being lost and not being where you want to be yet…”

“…own the way you want to do business…”  ~My notes from Danielle LaPorte’s keynote.

Lunch at the Farmer's Market; decompression, people-watching and curry. Perfect.

Conversations between new friends.

Conversations are running into World Domination time- luckily someone keeps the group on track!

Why wouldn't we dominate the world from an art museum?

More fire from LaPorte! Truly a highlight of the weekend for me!

Stepping outside to start our Hipster hunting tour.

All those seeking hipsters- come this way!

The Dominators pile onto the bus- and fill it to the brim! And the bus driver waives the entry fee- perfect!

That's right- we own this bus. Or rather- we dominate it!

Think some fierce soul is tired of having his picture taken yet? Thanks for being such a good sport, Satya!

Another storyteller- Ms. Sheneeh and a fellow world dominator!

Documenting such a fantastic bus driver- truly a comic on wheels.

Planning world take-overs and new adventures.

A highlight of the Hipster Tour. He allowed dozens of WDS folks on for free, but charged his ex-wife when she boarded the bus. Priceless.

Let the Hipster tour begin!

Tyler takes a moment to block traffic and explain the mass of people wandering through the neighborhood.

Sunset at the park.

What hipster tour would be complete without an abandoned cash register in a parking lot?

Finding a little slice of food porn on the Hipster tour. Seriously- delicious food carts.

After wandering the streets in search of the Hipster, a stop at the local watering hole is in order.

Who doesn't have a birthday party with their father in full costume? An amazing family crossed our path and shared a few moments of enlightening conversation.

The sliver of a moon rises over Portland as the small crew heads back into the city.

Kevin Lee and Marla lead the crew back to the city over one of the many, many Portland bridges.

Such a beautiful city!

Stumbling upon a massive parade is always a lovely surprise.

Up next~ Day Three!


  1. says

    I think everyone I spoke to said it was an overwhelming conference to be at. Most people were taking a day or two afterwards just to soak it in and integrate what they learned over the weekend.

    At times I wondered why I was there over the weekend. It’s easy to feel that way when hugging successful bloggers, solopreneurs, world travelers and motivational speakers. I certainly don’t fit in any of those categories (yet). It took time and quite a few deep conversations while at the conference to determine why I made the trip to Portland, and more importantly, who I am. I am grateful to be in the presence of 500 very understanding people this past weekend.

    You are a wonderful change agent that uses photography and writing to bring things to the light that most people don’t see or want to talk about. You deeply care, and you want to be the change you wish to see in the world. And that is why we love you and your work, and why you were at WDS.

    • says

      Thank you so much, Mike, for such lovely words! In going into the weekend, I hoped at best to put people’s faces to names and feel their energy so I could better relate online. And I gained so much more than that from coming to Portland for WDS. It seems as though this journey for you was, in part, to shed light on the possibility of what lays ahead of you. And to make those connections as well, connecting with people you relate to from a far- with an internet and many miles between you. Now you can move forward with this new knowledge and budding relationships into the path that truly reflects who you are and why you are traveling this path. Looking forward to some coffee soon!! Travel safe!

    • says

      Thanks lovely Marla! Loved connecting and chatting with you as well! Stan was quite the character- too perfect! Look forward to crossing paths in the not-do-distant future!