Duality, the Flow and World Domination ~ Day 1

I’m a skeptic. I know- newsflash. For someone with a journalism background who loves to dive into a little Chomsky/Zinn sandwich every so often for shits and giggles, this is not news.

Walking down Burnside in Portland.

And being the eternal skeptic, I approached this past weekend with a little curiosity, a healthy dose of “whatevs” and a large amount of timid reservation.

World domination, really? What does that mean? How do I wrap my brain around all the different types of people at such an event? Entrepreneurs, bloggers, writers, business executives, artists and students all gathering with only one main commonality- the desire to lead an unconventional life.

And dominate the world, of course.

Past seminars and conferences were all rooted in professional photojournalism frameworks; giving me a grounding point and strong common element to every person attending the event. I spoke the language, I understood the industry and I could wander freely in this environment with ease and comfort. Not so at WDS. Everyone spoke a different language- everyone came here from a different place- a place uniquely their own. And the thought made this slightly introverted artist very uncomfortable.

So, instead of talking you through my transformation from skeptic observer to humbled participant, I decided to show you in images and notes from my journal. These images aren’t your normal event coverage photographs. I chose to photograph the event as a participant- not an observer. When emotions are coursing through me at a fast and furious rate- I turn to the camera to express the core of what I’m feeling. No matter how I lie to myself and how I try to bend my perception of reality to fit into the narrative I want or need in that moment, the camera never reflects this internal deception. The camera reflects exactly what I’m feeling- regardless of what I’m thinking.

So, here is my journey through a little World Domination. Enjoy and join me please.

Friday~ Day 1

Sitting at a coffee shop in Portland people watching and relaxing before the summit.

“It’s strange to meet a group of people who know you only by your work. The daunting reality of this type of meeting is wondering if the person you’ve projected through your work is in alignment with your true self and the energy you send out into the world. I believe mine is- but it truly reinforces the gravity of the work and the responsibility to lead- through interactions, art and engagement”  ~ written in my journal while watching the neighborhood wake up and stumble into this coffee shop.

Grabbing dinner on the way to the opening ceremonies of WDS.

Shockingly beautiful weather for most of the weekend. The only rain fell during the closing party- a sign?

Almost there- the walk to the Portland Art Museum is long, but fabulous.

People watching by the train.

Let the Domination begin!

Riding the train back to the hotel, with some young kids way "hipper" than myself.

The lovely & FIERCE Satya Colombo is my partner in crime for most of this weekend. One of the truly wonderful connections to arise from dominating the world. ( http://satyacolombo.com/ )

A little late-night adventure by the river.

A little night walk across the bridge.

An evening stroll.

Ahh...night photography. Just makes me happy.

Almost time for sleep, a few blocks from the hotel.

Day one complete. The festivities continue tomorrow with Hipster hunting, giant peach parades and some White Hot passion!

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