A Week of Eclectic Roommates & Curious Juxtapositions

A week at the Eugene Whiteaker Hostel in Eugene, Oregon.

The Eugene Whiteaker Hostel in Eugene, O.R. acts as both a community gathering spot for residents within the eclectic Whiteaker neighborhood, but also for the people passing through on the way to their next destination.

Mac Hines, proprietor of the Eugene Whiteakter Hostel, and his trusty friend, Oso, sit on the front porch and watch the neighbors heading down the sidewalk.

Mac chats with one of the workers at hostel about some maintenance tasks that need to be addressed from the office of the hostel.

Guests at the hostel gear up for the day ahead of them. Nick works on uploading his pictures from a cross-country journey by bike to raise money for victims of domestic violence. Another guest packs his gear and a thirty-day supply of food into a backpack for the second leg of his journey into the Oregon wilderness.

The hostel is filled with items of artistic expression and character.

Nick the cyclists takes a moment to absorb Nick the mandolin player as he settles his bikes for a night's stay at the hostel.

A few guests and workers at the hostel enjoy a rare sunny afternoon in Eugene. Many of the workers are students who compensate the cost of living in Eugene by working at the hostel.

Oso checks out the camera.

Nick practices his mandolin in the backyard of the Whiteaker hostel. Molly, his mandolin, is one of his prized possessions and does not travel far from his sight. Nick does not believe in interaction with computers and spends a great deal of time embracing a nomadic musician's lifestyle.

Maurie and I share a few moments on the front porch talking about his visit with his daughter, a student at the University of Oregon located in Eugene. One advantage to the hostel lifestyle is the diversity of the guests and the ability to touch on a wide range of topics through in-depth conversations during the day.

The Annex, an addition to the Whiteaker Hostel, has a beautiful herb garden adorned with words of encouragement and hope.

Every Sunday, the Whiteaker Hostel hosts a potluck supper for the community and guests to break bread, share conversations and create music- or whatever the mood dictates.

Bluegrass musicians gather for a little potluck dinner at the Whiteaker and talk about their passion.

One beautiful aspect of hostels is the convergence of artists- and free, live music during dinner!

Oso looks on as guests and workers clean up after an evening dinner at the Whiteaker.

Evening falls at the Eugene Whiteaker Hostel in Eugene, O.R.


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    Looks like a cool eclectic place with fun people. :)

    30 days of food is insane! I thought packing 4 days of food was rough last week in the Corcovado National Park…