When Will the Resignation End and the Awakening Begin?

Where does resignation originate?  At what point in our lives do we concede to the situation we find ourselves within without fighting for a vision- for a dream?  Why do some resign at the first sign of adversity in a privileged existence and others fight to the death when faced with a life of perpetual turmoil?

It will fall upon this generation to find the passion to fight for their future and repair the damage that the in-action of my generation- and the one's before it- have inflicted upon their world.

Does the person who resigns without struggle signify a person who values life less? Has the modern institution of entertainment he so willfully worships convinced his subconscious that his life has little value? Was the fire extinguished in this person long ago, at the coming of age when his life was consumed with violent video games and images of destruction as forms of entertainment? Did this man’s resignation happen because of the entitlement handed down from his parents?

Did this person’s resignation happen long before he gave up- long before the daily drudgery of a life without meaning or beauty became his biography?

Why does the other man fight to the death for what he believes he should possess from birth? Why does he sacrifice everything– home, love, stability and breathe– for the chance to give those inalienable human rights to those who will come after him?  Why does he fight so hard- when his parents chose not to pick up the same battle and left him to deal with the ramifications of inaction?

Is it because he grew up seeing the results of war and hardship first hand? Is it because he understands the fragility of freedom, the uncertainty of access to the commodities that sustain daily life, the oppression of a foreign government at the hands of a corrupt state? Does he fight to the death because he bears a passion and appreciation of life that can only be acquired by holding true sorrow in your heart?

Why does one man resign when he has so much, yet another man fights when he has so little?

Why does one man value his own life so little, that he would waste the large portion of his years doing that which he loathes to participate in a system which consumes the very essence of the world he lives upon, with no thought to the next generation or those withering as a result of his consumption?

Why does another value his life so much, or the vision of what his life could and should become, that he would place that very life on the line to manifest his visions, for himself and the next generation? Why does a man embody such passion and such resilience, when he has known so much pain and suffering?

Why does one man willingly allow the mechanisms of suppression from the system to force him to resign his life- when the other man fights to the death to remove himself from the forced suppression of the State?

And at what point will the resigned faction of Western culture stand up and begin to live? What will be the tipping point for those men who willingly handed over their lives and their minds for the opportunity to consume? When will they embrace the freedom they were born into and realize that the meaningless entertainment they consume is the suppressive force that killed their spirit?

At what point will the resignation end and the awakening begin?


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    Oh, Crystal. Thank you for always asking the hard questions.

    I really think the difference between resignation and awakening….is experience. People are sorely lacking the kinds of experiences that empower them to wake up on their own terms. Some of us are born into circumstances that supply us the necessary experiences. Others…sorely need us to create and guide them into their own.

    Visiting your website is always a beautiful experience. Hope your tech difficulties (from Twitter, saw but unfortunately couldn’t help) got resolved!