Sleeping with my Atlas? What a single nomad does when the travel bug hits.

Yep, it happened.

Last night, as my eyes were closing and my brain was still giggling at Jon Stewart’s depiction of the Fox News logo being a subliminal representation of a Hitler poster, I placed my brand new shiny National Geographic Atlas in the empty spot on the bed next to me.  As I leaned over to turn off the lamp, the thought occurred to me that I just tucked in my Atlas. I paused for a second, not knowing whether to laugh or cry at this odd behavioral act of a 34 year old, single nomad.

Really, it is rather funny.  In a twisted way.  Who sleeps next to their Atlas?

An election billboard in Madaba, Jordan.

An election billboard in Madaba, Jordan.

I guess a wanderlust does.  Someone who relishes layovers in foreign airports, who yearns for the intoxicating smells of a street vendor’s delicacies, who longs for a cafe filled with an indecipherable language but cheap and delicious frothy caffeinated goodness.

The twitchy, restless “I have to leave this place now or my head will gyrate like the girl in the Exorcist” feeling reared its head last week, so I drove to the behemoth of all bookstores, found an atlas on sale and brought it home to live with me.  The act of seeking the atlas was spurned, in part, by my dear friend in Pakistan who is itching to leave her conflicted homeland and travel to some other destination of wonder and chaos.

After a frantically exciting exchange on the Google Chat, we decided to spend a summer in the Middle East.  Ahhh, falafels and hummus. Mmmm, coffee that makes your hair stand up and your eyes bulge for hours.  Ohhh, yummy, fruity hookah goodness that spawns hours of civilized conversation and lively debate. Yes, I’m in!!

So, I am in the throes of planning the next Walkabout and writing furiously to pay for my plane ticket. I am engaging in my ritual of bag packing daydreams, you know, the one where the multimedia journalist plots and plans endlessly trying to cram all her belongings in one backpack while still having the capacity to shoot video, stills and audio and produce from the road. Yea, that’s a losing battle. This journalist is contemplating a world of only black and white film (with a point and shoot for this blog, of course) and a small little net-book to write my prose from any remote coffee house in the world. I will figure this out, it is my mission!!  And yes, it might just be a simple camera, or two, or three and a net-book.  A girl can dream!

I am also planning a different blog.  The storyteller blog will still be rolling along, complete with stories from exotic lands and encounters with the normal, the abnormal and the downright insane.  But I’m feeling the need to launch something a little smaller, with short, quirky entries and lots of photos. Something that doesn’t require long periods of time for the readers to engage with the content either and large amounts of espresso to write the entries.

A book will be spawning itself from the first walkabout here shortly.  I’m writing this, in part, to motivate myself to actually design it. I will be placing all the stories and entries along with lots of the Crackberry photos, into a book format for my friends and readers who are, like me, trying to disengage a little more from their electronic worlds. I’ll keep you posted, you keep me motivated!

So, I hope everyone is enjoying this lovely spring time weather, if you’re not, you should be.
And I will keep you posted on the next wave of adventures for the Storyteller.  I’m sure there will be tons of stories to share!


  1. Pat says

    You’re so funny…..I love reading your posts! Ok….the hookah intrigues me! I’m thinkin’ shamrocks for this Irish lad! And that Middle East trip?? My gosh, I for sure want to visit the Holy Land some day. Actually I want to fish where Christ walked. He did walk on the waters you know?!? I think Jesus is a fly fisherman actually! Would you be so kind as to keep your ears open for possibilities in that regard, then send me a post pertaining?

    • says

      Thanks Pat! You should definitely check out the Old City of Jerusalem, though not necessarily for fly fishing. Its amazing! I’ll let you know if I run across any possible fishing holes over there. Its pretty arid though, no guarantees.