Just for Laughs- a gift from the YouTube gods

Sometimes, we just need to laugh.

I was sitting outside the espresso outpost in Quartzsite yesterday and a new friend was playing some guitar music.  Out stumbled a local from the bar next door, completely lit at 3 pm.  He sat down and started a live concert, right there on the porch.

A drunken singer starts a live concert at the espresso shop.

A drunken singer starts a live concert at the espresso shop.

Now, being the person who loves to capture things on film for posterity’s sake, I couldn’t resist the urge to document this, I mean, isn’t that why engineers put video cameras in cell phones?

So, I have taken a step away from my journalistic integrity, and, I’m sure,  much to my professor’s dismay, I have created two installments of the day’s entertainment and placed them on the YouTubes.  Check them out if you need a good laugh.  They are a little profane, not for the weak at heart or the young, virgin ears.

The quality sucks badly.  And yes, the compression is off, the camera is shaky (I couldn’t stop laughing while filming) and the sound sucks- but what can you do?  Some things should be shared. I do have better quality versions to publish once I reach a normal internet connection.

There are actually 3 more installments, equally as funny, but I have yet to produce them, each one takes about 4 hours to produce and just seems a little silly to devote that much time to a drunken video.  But, upon request, I will publish the remaining videos.

So, that said, let’s put on our sense-of-humor hats and dive into the YouTubes.  Just for a few minutes.

I’m a Bad-Ass, Baby and  The Eagles- Live- in Quartzsite- Sort of…

I’m working on more meaningful stories and will post something of importance tonight or tomorrow.