Blogging, Social Media Marketing and Avoiding the Narcissist Within.

How do you become the uber-marketer, promoting your work, your webiste or blog and not fall into the vortex of narcissism?  How do you balance the need to promote your work with the need to not be so focused on self?  Is there a way to engage in Twitter and Facebook without the redundant drum-beating of ‘look at me,’ ‘look at what I’m doing now,’ ‘look, I just completed a menial daily task and now I’m tweeting about it.” Is that really necessary?  How do you utilize social media in a way that both gets your message in front of people and builds your online audience without becoming a self-indulgent, non-sense twittering narcissist?

Twitter Overload.

Twitter Overload.

I ask this because I’m not sure of the answer and I’d like to open the dialogue.  Do you use Twitter in an effective manner that builds an audience and doesn’t put them to sleep with useless information?  Does your Facebook status update resemble a schizophrenic multitasker juggling cubicle life and children or is it strictly for promotional purposes- or both?  I know mine is questionable at times, no matter how professional I want to be.  How do you engage in email marketing without seeming like a 5 year old jumping up and down, shouting, ‘I’m here, look at me, talk to me!’ What are your methods? What works for you and do you think self-promotion is overdone in our socially inclined media climate?

Before diving into the blogosphere, I studied a variety of blogs with content that I truly found engaging and informative.  I believe that is one of the key drivers in self-promotion on the web- provide something that’s worth reading and engaging with.  Its essential.  People want to be entertained and informed, so be sure that you are speaking to your audience in an effective manner. I am hoping to emulate their methods, for after spending almost a year following these bloggers, I’m not bogged down with marketing from their sites.  Though, I may be doing a little jumping up and down, shouting ‘here I am’ for the first few months of this endeavor- so yes, I’ll be contradicting my earlier statements.  Don’t judge.

I have also spent some time following several photography/media industry leaders on Twitter as well as a few big name bloggers.  Each one approaches Twitter in such a diverse manner that I’m still unsure of whether or not to engage with this platform of communication.  But, if my mission is to produce content that people engage with and find beneficial, Twitter may just be another vehicle in helping me reach that goal.  This point is open for debate.  What do you think Twitter’s role in social media marketing is and will it last?

So, I will try to avoid delving into narcissism in my marketing efforts for this blog and my work.  I will strive to provide relevant content for my audience, no matter how diverse it may become and I will try not to be a useless Twittering twit.  But please, leave a few comments about your answers to the questions above. I’m curious.  And your two cents may help another artist/author looking to dive into this realm and unsure of the means and methods of social media marketing.


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